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24 Oct 2018

Trust your gut at BillyXClub


Choosing is losing. We all know this saying too well. Maybe you got a job offer on the other side of the world? Or you broke up with your loved one while everyone thought you were meant to be? Or maybe you decided to quit your job to build your own business from the ground up. Maybe you’re still in doubt?

It doesn’t matter which path you chose to follow, all these experiences have one thing in common: the feeling of doubt.


Is this the right choice? Did we think this through? Will I be able to do it? What if it fails?


Doubt, doubt and even more doubt.


This doubt had been keeping us awake and certainly after our OG-Billy Ellen got a TIA* and we had to close up shop in Antwerp. We were at a crossroads. Push through with BillyXClub? Or quit with it right away?

In this blog, you read all about how we found hope and inspiration to go on in times of need. And more importantly: you read all about how we want to inspire you to follow your dreams and makes your wishes come true.

We want to read stories, hear them and share them. So read on, and tell us your story afterwards! Don’t have a story to share? Let us know what you would have done, had you been in our shoes?

*What’s a TIA and how is Ellen doing? Read all about it in what is a TIA.


July: the month of change for BillyXClub


July 2018 brought a lot of change and insecurity for BillyXClub. in big contrast to last year, when all our time and attention went to the last finishing touches of our first store in Antwerp.

Hell yes, that TIA shook us to the core during the beginning of summer. What now? How do we proceed? Do we quit? Or do we push through? We found the answer in our roots…


Time to reflect and to go back to our roots…


Rewind to the early beginning. When BillyXClub didn’t exist yet, when it wasn’t even a thought in our minds. But there was an idea. An unexpected idea. About perfume. Accidentally. A way of thinking that seemed to be at odds with the current perfume world.

No matter how exciting, fun and fantastic the idea was, it also brought some luggage along. Luggage in the form of thousands and thousands of questions. Repeating themselves again and again. Does the world really need us? Or are we crazy? Should we really do it? Do we dare to jump? Or do we stay safe on the side?


What did we do? We followed our gut feelings.


That convincing feeling that tells you to dare and to do. The feeling that told us: there’s more to perfume! More than just some aromas and alcohol, wrapped up in an overpriced bottle covered with a lot of fancy words and big promises. Fragrances that not only tickle your nose, but also your creativity and personality. Fragrances that tell better stories than the cliché stories of persuasion, love and romance. Stories down to earth and closer to you.

No. We are not a dime a dozen.


Time to go back to our gut feelings…


Kicking off summer in the most miserable way with Ellen fighting a TIA, doubt took its place in our hearts once again. What now? Does it even make sense to go on? Isn’t it better to quit?


Again more questions than answers.

But all of a sudden, there they were again. These gut feelings that took over our minds again, step by step. The soft voice that told us not to let go, but to keep on going. Despite the TIA. Despite the doubt.


Gut feelings as a compass through life


Why our gut feelings told us to push through? No clue! Explaining it is difficult. Give it a try, you say? Well.. Because it feels good? Because it’s necessary?

For us. But also for you.

For you, business(wo)men with high ambitions. For you, working out early in the morning. For you, bonvivant with a smoothie in your hand. For you, party animal, dancing the night away. For you, delicate but hidden princess.

For you, follower of dreams. But certainly for you, the dreamer-who-doesn’t-dare-yet.


Because taking a step into the unknown is always exciting. But how terrifying it may seem, it gets easier once you actually get started. Don’t wait until it’s perfect, but follow your heart and dare.


Follow your own gut feelings…


And maybe you will get inspired by our story and those from other gut feelers. Who knows, it might ignite that little flame inside you. That fire from within, now smothered by doubt and questions. That small flame that becomes a roaring fire.

Let BillyXClub be the match on your fire. Or better: the fantastic smell to your fire. Burning wood and perfume: equally flammable, except you get to choose the smell.

BillyXClub wants to inspire you every day to follow your heart, to dare, to do. To build a world where dreams come true. A world where your dreams come true.


And share them with us #gutstories


Unique stories about you, who you are and what you experienced throughout your journey of life. When did life knock you down? How did you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and went on to achieve your goal? Or maybe you laid back for a while to catch your breath? Did you succeed? Or did you fail (again)? These moments where your gut feelings took over. All those stories, all those inspiring words from and for you and us: we want to hear and share them with the world.

Are you a gut feeler? Did you follow your heart on a crossroads in your life? Or did you choose the easy option and maybe you regret it? Whatever the outcome, we want to hear your gut stories. Shout them from the rooftops and then share them with us through mail or pm on Facebook/Instagram. We’ll respond, and who knows, your story might be the next one to be featured on the site of BillyXClub.

Whatever your doubt is, whatever you dream is: always trust your gut.


Xoxo BillyXClub


Not a sharer, but a reader? Then make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and stories! Who knows what inspiring words do to that creative mind of yours.

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