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23 Oct 2018

What is a TIA and why did it close the doors of the BillyXClub flagshipstore?


In our previous blog, you read all about our new webshop and mostly about our closed store in Antwerp, Kammenstraat. A TIA caused us to do so, and as promised, we will tell you the story behind it: in great color and detail! After reading this blog, you know how to recognise a TIA, and mostly: what to do when someone has one! The more you know, right?


How TIA closed the doors of the BillyXClub flagshipstore in Antwerp, Kammenstraat.


Of course everyone knows our über-Billy, Ellen. She is the inspiration for, and the woman behind the great smells and perfumes of BillyXClub. Don’t know her that well? Get to know her in the article written by Café Cosmetique!

Since October, Ellen was ever-present in the BillyXClub store for personal perfume advice and tastings to let everyone discover their particular BillyXClub scent. But secretly, she already knew which one was going to be yours, the moment you walked through the door.


What happened to Ellen then in July?


You’ve probably had the same holiday feeling this summer: the sun didn’t stop shining, temperatures shot through the roof and you are just walking around with a popsicle in your hand 24/7. As was the situation for Ellen: enjoying a few days of well earned holiday, but suddenly her life was shaken to the core.

Because from one moment to the next: talking became difficult, and one of her arm started to tingle. Luckily, 112 was called (or 911 for our American BillyXClubbers) and emergency services arrived quickly. A worst case scenario had been averted.

Ellen had a TIA, a Transient Ischemic Attack, or a brief stroke.


Transient Ischemic What?


A TIA is a brief disruption of blood circulation in the brain or other body parts, caused by a blood clot. This clot can dissolve in a few minutes, but it can also stay put for a few hours. The longer it stays intact, the more chance on permanent (brain) damage.

Cerebral infarction, strokes and TIA’s are indistinguishable from each other based on symptoms, this can only be determined in the hospital. So you get the emergency in contacting 112 or 911 immediately!

In some cases, a TIA is a forerunner for a stroke, so always call 112 or 911 when you believe that you, or someone becomes unwell.


First aid tips in case of a TIA


Here you read about the three most common symptoms and how to check for them specifically.


  1. a crooked mouth: ask them to smile for you!
  2. confused speech: ask question they need to answer
  3. a paralyzed arm: ask them to stretch out both arms in front of them, palms up


Keep these three in mind, and when it ever comes so far: trust your gut. Maybe your childhood dream of becoming a superhero won’t be so silly anymore.


And how is Ellen doing then?


It wasn’t our intention to keep you waiting in tension like this, but Ellen is doing well!!! She’s taking it easy, like she should. Some deserved rest and enjoying life more to the fullest.

But sadly enough our flagshipstore in Antwerp, Kammenstraat has been closed since July. But no worries, the future looks bright and we’re looking forward to it! Because as we said before, we haven’t sat still this summer here at BillyXClub.


Gut Feelings


With all these changes, doubt and questions rose too. And so the beginning of July told us go back to our roots, to go back to our gut feelings. Because that’s where it all begun.

More on these gut feelings? Read all about it in Trust your gut with BillyXClub! Got a gut feeling that’s going to be something great? No diggity, no doubt!


Do you know someone who had such a TIA, or have you had to gro through one, or do you just want to share some kind words with Ellen? Share your feelings and leave a comment or share this blog on any social media so we can read what you think!


Enjoy today and whatever you do: trust your gut!


xoxo BillyXClub


Enough with the reading? Sniff around through our gorgeous perfumes! Can’t choose? Take a look at our samples and sample packs, success guaranteed! Or are you searching for the perfect gift? Our personalized gift cards will end your quest!

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