60 seconds. 1 minute. That's what it takes. A fragrance to seduce. For men to turn their head. Wherever you go, it's your liquid French kiss at work.
Untamed & animalistic. A fragrance not to be caged. A true feminine touch of refined boldness. Mystical and strong. For women wild at heart and their full moon howls to be heard.
On the road to...anywhere. Discover our hobo fragrance with attitude, in pursuit of dreams, freedom and adventure. A modern classic scent drenched in whisky and cigars. One for the road, wherever you may go...
Beat-the-heat. Your aquatic splash of awesomeness. A fragrance of the waves, for him and for her. An after-sun fresh, vacation-ready and party-proof. Yeah, let's conga baby!

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High on life and happy in the city, this scent will kickstart your day. It´s our top-end freshness for urbanites. Your everyday fragrance with a good dash of mint and confidence. For him and for her. Yep, we admit it: we heart the city. Do you?
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Feeling blue? This will lift your spirit. A first class expression of fun, style and female independence. Your high-end scent for a sparkling night out. We don´t let that indigo mood ruin your day, you know. Oh no we don't.
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When ancient meets modern. A stylish blend of Oud-mystique and urban modernism to make you feel like a princess. A scent of charm, Bedouin chic, to put a spell on your prince...
The 'Like forever' bundle
3 times stylish if it can be more classic.
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Zen. A fragrance to escape from your everyday hectic. Top-notch. Minimalistic. Modern.
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